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Our service center is able to fix all types of problems regarding your Laptop and MacBook. Our employees are highly trained from  abroad and 5 years+ real experience fixing laptops and MacBook chip-level repair. We provide hardware and software support for your required laptop or notebook. There are numerous types of hardware supports that we specialize on. We able to fix any kind of power disturbances or charging problems. We also look at the internal problems like unstable BIOS laptop or notebook hanging problem, slow or crashed windows and even install windows if required. We are also able to repair the broken lid of a laptop or notebook and replace one or both of the broken hinges with either metal or plastic hinges. If there is any type of display malfunction or the display is dead, then we provide new display ribbon or plex cable for your display. We also provide you with upgrading or replacing your laptop and notebook components like HDD, SSD, M2 Card, RAM, Keyboard, battery, display panel and motherboard. And finally, we service all your laptop or notebook component and issues like overheating, cooling fan problem, USB port problem and replacement, charging port servicing, headphone port changing, touch-pad problem speaker servicing and changing of your speakers, one or both of them. We also provide servicing for any kind of Apple Products. We are able to fix all kinds of O/S problems, any hardware issue or problems and are able to change or upgrade your Apple laptop and MacBook.

Our Offer:

So just get in touch with us for all your Computer Support and PC repair related services and we will fix them rightaway. We offer onsite Computer Repair services at the most reasonable rates which everyone can afford.Our trained service providers are trained to handle all types of Desktop PC problems and issues and are able to deliver the right solution for your product. We provide both hardware and software support for your Desktop PC. The hardware support that is delivered by use are installing or upgrading your PC components, fixing the generation problem with the components and assembling or replacing motherboard. We are able to perform any kind of network installation or configuration and check to detect if there is any error or issue with the network system. We also provide you with making or configuring server PC and assemble and configure any desired gaming laptop of your choice. The software services that we provide for your PC are installing all the required software and also software that you want, fixing and reinstalling any back dated antivirus place them with new one, repairing or reinstalling your operating system and conducting system protection testing. We also provide any type of network checking and provide the data recovery service. We also provide servicing for all types of brand PC.

Our Speciality:

We are working in major city Dhaka where our expert techs can reach you and fix your smartphone within 30 minutes. That way you can get your smartphone repaired or screen replaced without facing any problem during your daily schedule and you can continue on with your life while our technicians will fix your smartphone. Our service is quite quick, cost-effective and seamless. That's a guarantee From PC Care & Engineering limited.

Common Laptop Repair Faults:

1.Power Jack and Motherboard Repair
2.LCD Screen,
4.Invertor and Hinge Repair
5.Hard Drive Replacement,
9.Worm and Adware Identification and Removal
10.Windows Operating System Re-installation
Keyboard and Touchpad Repair
12.Memory Replacement and Upgrades
13.Liquid Spillage.

Whether it is for general repairs, cleaning or installing upgrades, We are here to help you. We quote before we repair and same day service is available at your request.

Laptop Repair Specialists Offers: We can source and fit spare parts for any models of laptop or desktop computer, at low prices and in a short time-scale. We provide a range of services including motherboard replacement, screen replacement, battery & power supply replacement, and much more. We offer free collection and delivery throughout Bangladesh.

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