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Desktop Computer Repair

Complete Desktop PC Repair

We provide computer repair services for desktops in affordable prices! With so many years of experience under our belt, we’ve managed to position ourselves as the complete computer repair provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer a wide range of desktop repair services, including hardware repair, software repair, casing repair/replacement that aims to improve the user’s love for computers.

Why would someone need Desktop Repair Service?

We operate largely on our computers, storing very important files and information in them. In very many ways, our day to day activities depends on it, whether business related or otherwise. Hence, when the computer starts slowing down or acting up, it’s easy to get frustrated. That’s where we, as IT Service BD, come in.

Among our computer repair services, we offer specialized desktop repair service for all our clientele.  Be it a blue screen of death, slow or no internet, damaged casing, ram repair, graphics card repair, slow computer, desktop computer servicing, hard disk faults, damaged motherboard, or anything else. There’s literally nothing we can’t fix. Let’s take a look at some of the desktop repairs that we offer at IT Service BD.

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